Christmas Craziness Commences

The silly season is upon us, so it’s time to relax, pop the champagne, and celebrate what a huge year it’s been with your friends, family or colleagues.

This year has been exceptionally busy for the KeepSnaps team: with over 100 event days, more than 20,000 photos printed, thousands of new Instagram followers, and over 60 flights across Australia.

But, we’re not done quite yet.

We still have some beautiful weddings, Christmas parties, and New Years Eve celebrations to be part of before we can put a huge *TICK* next to 2016.

Christmas KeepSnaps parties Christmas KeepSnaps parties

If you would like to see the KeepSnaps Instagram printer getting snap happy at your Christmas party, summer festival or NYE party, in Sydney or Melbourne it’s not too late to get in touch. We may or may not have your date available, but it’s worth checking.

We’ve got Chrissy props and templates ready to go, plus if you mention the offer code ‘LOVE XMAS’ we’ll throw in one hour free on any booking 3 hours or more. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night.

Are You Getting The Most Memories From Your Instagram Photo Booth?

You’ve probably thought long and hard about making your big event just perfect! One of your friends or colleagues suggested you hire an Instagram printer cos they’re “so much fun”!! So you’ve done a Google search, and ended up here reading this!

Well your friend would be correct. Instagram printers add that extra bit of fun and laughter to your big event, while giving you guests a take home memory that they can stick straight on the fridge or on their desk at work!  They are a modern day version of a photo booth, and best of all, no booth is required!

To make sure you can get the most memories out of your KeepSnaps Instagram photo booth, we’ve put together a little guide for you.

Here are our top 6 ways to ensure you get the most out of KeepSnaps.

  • Signage. A large sign, or small cards to pass around letting people know how to play is vital so guests can get involved.
  • Position: Think about positioning KeepSnaps somewhere central and visible or next to a ‘Insta-worthy’ backdrop.
  • Speech: Ask the MC or host to mention the hashtag during speeches as this will ensure everyone knows how to get involved.
  • Prize: Think about rewarding the best photo with a prize at the end of the event. Or with our system we can randomly pick a winner for spot prize throughout the event.
  • Hashtag: Choose a short, and easy to remember hashtag. But make it unique enough that random photos won’t print out!
  • At large events, ensure all your staff (or friends) get on board and start snapping as it only takes one to start the trend.

Instagram photo booth event


If you’re thinking of hiring KeepSnaps for your big event or wedding, we want to make sure you have the absolute best experience, which means lots of photos and everyone getting involved!

So after working at 100 + events we’ve put together some key learnings to ensure you get the most of your KeepSnaps Instagram printer at your event in Sydney, Melbourne or across Australia.

Here are 6 things to consider when hiring KeepSnaps Instagram printer:

keepsnaps signage

Competition signage

  • A large sign with your hashtag placed in a central spot lets everyone know how to get involved. We have a basic one we bring to every event, however we can always custom design your own for an extra cost
  • Why not hand out small cards with the hashtag, or put placecards on tables, so people can play along while seated at the table. Or even better, hire the I Spy cards as mentioned here.
Birthday scavenger hunt game

Birthday scavenger hunt

  • Location, Location, Location. Think about setting KeepSnaps up somewhere central or with a pretty backdrop, or media wall to encourage photos to be taken there or upon arrival
  • Ask the host or MC to mention the hashtag during speeches.
  • Encourage people to post by offering a prize for the best photo, judged the next day, or at the conclusion of the event (and add this to your signage)
  • Always choose a short and easy to remember (yet unique) hashtag so people don’t use the incorrect hashtag.
Summer backdrop and props KeepSnaps

Summer backdrop and props


If you follow these simple tips, you will be sure to end the night with hundreds of awesome photos on your hashtag, and memories that will last forever!


If you would like to hire KeepSnaps at your upcoming event, get in touch.

Doing our bit for a good cause #triviainadress

Earlier this year, KeepSnaps was approached to donate our services to a wonderful charity ‘One Girl’ that raises money for girls education in one of the hardest places to grow up as a woman, Sierra Leone, in Africa.

We had such a fun night, and were totally inspired to continue supporting them, so I signed up to become an ambassador for One Girl.

Since then, my aim is to raise $3000, which will educate 10 girls. How do we raise this much money?

By doing it in a dress! Throughout the month of October, I’ve been doing challenges in a school dress and raising plenty of funds along the way, as well as supporting many of my fellow ambassadors with their challenges.

So last weekend was the big one! Our charity trivia night, #triviainadress, took place on Sunday night, and it exceeded all our expectations~

We has over 140 guests and raised $3210 !! So amazing, and we’re so grateful for everyone who came along and all our generous donors.

We also supported Lisa at her Cabaret night, where they raised over $7000, and printed hundreds of photos.

Such an inspiring weekend, and it’s so amazing to be able to give back to such a fantastic cause.

Check out some of the photos from the weekend below, and if you are a charity looking at hosting a big event speak to us about our charity discount rates.

How to make your work Christmas party one to remember!

Have you been put in charge of organising the office Christmas party for your office in Sydney or Melbourne and have no idea what to do?

Or maybe you’ve been putting it on for the past 20 years and you’re ready to mix it up? Try something different to impress your colleagues?

Have you thought about hiring a photo booth but maybe you had that the last couple of years and want something a bit unique? Or you still want to capture memories of the best night of the year, but don’t want guests to be hidden away in a booth all night and miss the band!?

Why not try the live Instagram printer? KeepSnaps will fulfil all of those requirements:

  • Unique- the newest trend to take over the event scene, so if you’re looking for something different, this is it
  • Memorable- all our packages include unlimited prints so guests can really get snap happy all night
  • Impressive- using the latest technology, KeepSnaps is new enough that most of your guests will have never seen it, but with over 18 months of event experience, we know what works!
  • Christmas spirit- we can design templates to match your company branding, or use one of the cute Christmas themed templates belowChristmas party photo props
  • Keepsakes- we will send you a digital copy of all the photos the next day, that you can use however you please #officedecorations or #blackmail
  • Fun – we have props galore. From silly glasses, to reindeer ears, tinsel and holly, we will get everyone laughing and snapping away

We are available for work Christmas parties in Sydney or Melbourne but get in quick before your date gets booked out.

Get in touch and request a quote now.

How to incorporate an Instagram photo booth into your corporate event

Have you been thinking about incorporating an Instagram photo booth into your corporate event, but not sure exactly how it will work?

“Keepsnaps was a great inclusion for our networking evening, everyone loved the idea of taking a picture on their phone, Instagraming it and then collecting the polaroid. It was simple to understand & it also promoted our hashtag presence online significantly. Kathryn was incredibly friendly, professional and communicative throughout. We will definitely have KeepSnaps at a future event!”

-Andrew Marsh, Young Insurance Professionals

We can guarantee that KeepSnaps will add an extra level of fun and engagement that a normal photographer cannot provide. Guests will enjoy snapping selfies with each other and watching as they print out in just 15 seconds!

Instagram photo booth

We’ve found that by adding fun props, an attendant to help take photos, and choosing a short, catchy hashtag, guests will be more than happy to get involved and snap away and post amazing photos from your event on Instagram.

But the best thing is what happens after the event! We’ve found that guests love looking back through the hashtag on Instagram and tagging each other, commenting and liking all the photos under the hashtag. This is a great way to extend the life of your event across multiple days.

The photos with your template and hashtag on them also keep your event front of mind as guests stick the branded photos up around the office, or on the fridge at work or home, meaning they’ll spot at the photos multiple times throughout the way, reliving fond memories from your event, and keeping your brand name front of mind.

Get in touch if you’d like to hire KeepSnaps for your networking event, thank you event, corporate function or work Christmas party in Sydney or Melbourne.

Or read some more fantastic testimonials here.


Pics or it didn't happen meme

Ways Guest Can Have Fun With An Instagram Photo Scavenger Hunt in Sydney or Melbourne

We are suckers for a bit of extra fun and games at events such as birthday parties, weddings or gala ball’s, where many of the guests might not know each other.

So while KeepSnaps is the perfect way to remember the fun from the night, we’ve also come up with a couple of ideas about how to kick start the fun, and get everyone mingling. Well, what is it I hear you asking?

Photo scavenger hunts! We previously mentioned how to do them, but these new ones are next level, custom made for KeepSnaps customers.

We’ve created these awesome signs that we can print out and pop on each table, or at certain points around the room as a way of encouraging guests to snap certain photos that otherwise might be missed.

And as everyone knows, if there’s not a photo of it, it didn’t happen!

Here are our three cards for that special birthday party, work Christmas parties or a wedding.

Get in touch with the friendly KeepSnaps team if you’d like to make your event in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong or Wagga Wagga AWESOME with these fun games.

How An Instagram Photo Booth Can Improve Wedding Pictures

We spent the weekend in Albury at the Albury Wodonga Bridal Fair. It was a crazy day jam packed full of brides, grooms, bridesmaids and plenty of family and friends who came along for the ride.

We were lucky to meet many excited brides who were talking about their big day, and what style of photography they wanted.

While KeepSnaps is no match to a professional wedding photographer, it certainly is an improvement on two other popular wedding photo options:  the disposable cameras left in the hands of guests, and the photo booth. Let us explain..

instagram photo booth Melbourne
Disposable cameras on each table used to be a fun idea, but they are outdated now and a couple of the cons are:

  • One person often steals the camera and fills the roll with their drunk mug shots
  • Guests forget to use them
  • You have no idea what the quality of the photos will be like ’til they’re developed
  • Developing bad photos can get expensive

And the photo booth is still very popular for weddings in Sydney and Melbourne but some of the cons are:

  • Guests are hidden away in a booth and might miss your first dance
  • The photos don’t actually capture any part of the wedding, just a dark corner with some silly hats and glasses
  • You (the event organiser) don’t get to see all the photos
  • One person ends up hogging the booth all night (normally the drunkest person)

The KeepSnaps Instagram photo printer can solve all these problems. As everyone takes photos through their own smart phones and posts to their own Instagram accounts, the photos tend to be of a better quality. And also no one single person can hog it. Some more benefits are:

  • The photos are actually of the wedding
  • Quality photos (they’re posting on their own accounts after all)
  • Pretty
  • You can still set up a dedicated photo are with a cute backdrop if you wish
  • Diverse, everyone gets to join in
  • You get to see them coming in on the night, displayed on the screen and searchable under the hashtag
  • The custom designed templates means the photos are a beautiful take home keepsake
  • You get a digital copy and optional hard copy of all the photos after the event
  • Our staff can walk around and snap photos for any guests who don’t have Instagram
  • No one has to leave the party to get a photo, just snap away wherever they are

So if you are deciding on which photo options to choose for at your wedding or event in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong or Albury, think about the KeepSnaps Instagram photo printer to solve your photo needs.

Instagram hashtag photo printer

Let’s Get This Party Started at Confetti Fair

The Confetti Fair Twilight Melbourne, a fair for grown up soiree’s was a unique event expo for anyone planning a party, whether it be a wedding, birthday party, children’s party, engagement, baby shower, an anniversary, Christmas party or a corporate event.

KeepSnaps featured in White Magazine

KeepSnaps featured in White Magazine

Housed in the North Melbourne Meat Market, all of Melbourne’s best wedding suppliers showed off their creative wares. KeepSnaps set up a beautiful all-white open Instagram photo booth stand, with a glittering fairy lights backdrop and a confetti-style photo template.

“Planning a party or a celebration? A banquet or a gathering? With a touch of glamour, a hint of intrigue and a whole lot of party magic, Confetti Fair Twilight has everything you need to plan your next soiree.

“Remember the days of magical fairs and twinkling lights, you would see them in the old movies – the fair would come to town and the whole place would become alight with laughter, prettiness and that special sparkle. We will be bringing that to Melbourne with Confetti Fair Twilight – a boutique party fair for grown up soirees.” Read more on the Confetti Fair blog.

We took part in the New Years Eve collaboration, combining beautiful stationary, New Years eve cakes, funky furniture and decorations.

KeepSnaps New Years Eve photo booth

KeepSnaps New Years Eve photo prints

Oh so chic!


5 reasons an Instagram photo printer

5 Reasons an Instagram Printer is better than a photo booth

Forget the photo booth, everyone’s raving about the next-gen photo printer, the live Instagram hashtag printer taking over the event scene.

Here are five reasons why you should be hiring an Instagram Printer instead of a Photobooth for your wedding or event:

5 reasons an Instagram photo printer1. You’ll gain unprecedented coverage on social media as your guests add your chosen event hashtag to all their photos, as this is the only way they get them printed!
2. No one has to leave the party to go and hide in a booth, they simply snap photos throughout the event, post them to Instagram and add the hashtag to print.
3. Instagram printers only need a very small area to set up in, so no need to relinquish precious floor space for a big booth set up.
4. The photos print out in just 15 seconds, meaning your guests don’t need to be lining up to get their prints.
5. Anyone can see all the event photos during or after the event by searching for the event hashtag on Instagram, so anyone who missed out on attending can still catch all the action in real time!

Still need convincing? Read our rave reviews below from some of our recent big events!

Get in touch with KeepSnaps at and get your event active on social media, while keeping your guests happy!

Know someone getting married soon? Send them our way!


“Memories of happiness and a begone era will be forever immortalised on my fridge with thanks to the lovely lady of KeepSnaps. So much pout, so many bright colours all printed on the spot.”
-Jean, Yelp guest


“KeepSnaps played a key part in our 40th Birthday Celebration giving customers a sense of glamour and adding to our VIP feel for the day. Customers were able to take a snap, Instagram it and then get a printed polaroid as a memory for the day. This offered customers a sense of place when it came to Broadmeadows Shopping Centre and a sense of nostalgia. Kathryn’s set up and friendliness added to the success of KeepSnaps as part of our 40th Birthday Celebrations.”
-Julian Funari, Marketing Coordinator

“KeepSnaps was the perfect addition to the Syd Barker Medal. It added to the fun atmosphere and encouraged social media engagement with our brand which is priceless. The staff were really accommodating and KeepSnaps was in such popular demand they stayed for longer.”
-Nicole Sherwood, Event Executive

“Keepsnaps was a great inclusion for our networking evening, everyone loved the idea of taking a picture on their phone, instagraming it and then collecting the polaroid. It was simple to understand & it also promoted our hashtag presence online significantly. Kathryn was incredibly friendly, professional and communicative throughout. We will definitely have KeepSnaps at a future event!” – Andrew Shepherd, YIPS Australasian Secretary
-Andrew Shepherd, YIPS secretary